What is this all about?

Some of you might wonder… What is this? Yet another barely MPUA that nobody has seen on the streets?

Well, I will try and explain the reasons why I created this blog, what it will contain and how it might be of your interest.

I´m an eager reader of krauserpua.com and he wrote a post where he explained how once you decide to be authentic and stay away from creating clickbait content, you can create content valuable regardless of your level of skill.

My take on it is that, just like with women, one has to polarize. Guys that have similar sticking points can definitely get something out of this, if I keep it real, that is.

There are already a lot of aspiring PUAs, as well as well-established MPUAs creating great content already. Trying to create a new daygame model or an infield product that addresses the general PUA reader would be useless.

Now opening my daily log to anyone is like letting anyone in inside my mind. You will be able to see how my mind operates, what are my limiting beliefs, how I face a particular problem and so on. This is very different to trying to teach you how to beat approach anxiety. There are probably legit places where you can learn that. I will explain how I experience it, whether I get better at it or not, my discoveries, my failures.

99% of the readers won´t resonate with that, and that´s fine, I don´t want people to waste time. The thing is though, the other 1% will probably be composed of people with similar problems, beliefs, values and that will potentially become comrades. People that are on the same journey, people that you will be able to meet when they visit your city or when you visit them

The list of sticking points at this point is too long to post at this point, but here´s a few:

  • Being short (5.6″)
  • Not speaking English fluently yet, with a strong spanish accent (living in Ireland)
  • Being a “chode” that likes to have the frame stolen by the girl. (For a few years I thought that finding a dominant woman would be the solution).
  • Being still a mom´s boy with a fragile ego.
  • Having a degree of social anxiety.
  • Being too introverted

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